[the international school of trigger and data acquisition 2019]

[3 - 12 april 2019, Surrey, UnitedKingdom]



Markus Joos (CERN)
Hannes Sakulin (CERN)
Paolo Durante (CERN)
Barthelemy von Haller (CERN) 

Bernhard Arnold (HEPHY)
Brigitte DeMonte (HEPHY)
Markus Friedl (HEPHY)
Christian Irmler (HEPHY)
Richard Thalmeier (HEPHY) 
Johannes Wittmann (HEPHY) 
Claudia Wulz (HEPHY/CERN)

CERN Committee

  1. Markus Joos (CERN)

  2. Hannes Sakulin (CERN)

  3. Paolo Durante (CERN)

  4. Barthelemy von Haller (CERN)

Local Committee

  1. Bernhard Arnold (HEPHY)

  2. Brigitte DeMonte (HEPHY)

  3. Markus Friedl (HEPHY)

  4. Christian Irmler (HEPHY)

  5. Richard Thalmeier (HEPHY)

  6. Johannes Wittmann (HEPHY)

  7. Claudia Wulz (HEPHY/CERN)



The students are encouraged to look at the below keywords and subjects beforehand to familiarize with the school topics.

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News and Announcements

  1. ISOTDAQ 2019 goes to Physics and Electrical Engineering Buildings at Royal Holloway, University of London, Surrey, UK.

  2. Application deadline is 15 December 2018