Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q)Who can apply to this school?

  2. R)Any Ms or PhD student who is aiming to continue his/her career in accelerator or particle physics with specialization in trigger and data acquisition systems.

  1. Q)How can I apply for this school?

  2. R)Fill in the application form, send your CV and ask your advisor to send a letter of recommendation by email to

  1. Q)Is there a registration fee for this school?

  2. R)No.

  1. Q)Is there an accommodation fee for this school?

  2. R)No.

  1. Q)Is there is homework / exam at the end of this school?

  2. R)There will be a homework to be completed in 2 weeks after the school.

  1. Q)Will I get a certificate for completing this school?

  2. R)If you finish your homework, and submit your report in time, yes.

  1. Q)What are the pre-requisites for this school?

  2. R)Familiarity with basics of particle physics, electronics, programming.

There will be one optional day before the school to review Unix & Programming.

  1. Q)What is the official language of this school?

  2. R)English.

  1. Q)Where is the school?

  2. R)In Ankara, TAEK main building; please look at the map below: