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  1. Introduce the basics of Trigger and Data acquisition by covering:

  2. Trigger hardware and software

  3. Data acquisition hardware and software

  4. Data transfer technologies

  5. Show the TDAQ examples from simple and large experiments

  6. Expose the participants to a maximum variety of topics,

  7. Accompany the lectures by hands on training sessions.


News and Announcements

  1. ISOTDAQ 2018 is over and was a big success.

  1. ISOTDAQ 2019 goes to Surrey United Kingdom.

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About the School

This is a 8 days school on Trigger and Data Acquisition systems. The school is to be held in English with a maximum of 52 students and it contains 50% lectures and 50% laboratory exercises.

The target audience is the engineering (EE, CmpE, IT) and physics (accelerator, particle, medical) MS and PHD students with a professional interest in trigger and data acquisition.

The basics of DAQ programming concepts (e.g. threaded programming, data storage, networking, IO programming) Hardware bus systems (VMEbus, PCI) Trigger logic and Hardware (NIM), PC based readout systems and trigger design will be covered together with reviews of modern TDAQ systems from LHC and fixed target experiments.

This School is an extraordinary joint effort between different people, institutes and industry. Each stakeholder contributes to the success of ISOTDAQ through its expertise, know-how, financial support and, last but not least, a contagious enthusiasm! 


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